Onischenko N.

The scientific-practical Law Journal  Almanac of Law Volume 11 (2020),
11-15 p.


Onischenko N. Legal doctrine, legal science and protection of human rights (efficiency ratio)

The current state of Ukrainian society requires the scientific community to find answers to the general social impulses needed for reform strategies: from unconstructive attempts to replace the state with civil society to efforts aimed at their balanced interaction. It is the principle of social and political balance in the relationship between the rule of law and civil society should be the basis for correcting and correcting the unstable economic situation, overcoming acute social conflicts, establishing the rule of law, building a democratic state. 

It should be noted that it is quite clear that sometimes the implementation of a right requires at least not one, but clearly several opportunities, such as: economic, educational, social, gender, etc., existing in the relevant spatio-temporal continuum. 

Moreover, there is an indisputable thesis that there are no secondary or non-first-class or type of human rights, so every unrealized, not realized in time or not fully realized right, without a doubt, is based on the lack of, first of all, the corresponding real opportunities. It is also clear that the implementation of a certain right depends, for example, on the relevant regulations.

we note that state-building processes, their dynamics, progressive trends depend on many factors.  In this context, the interconnectedness of the development of a democratic, legal, social, European state and the formation of a mature, active, civil society was considered.

Keywords: legal science, legal doctrine, human rights, rights and opportunities, legal development.


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