Vasetsky V. Y.

The scientific-practical Law Journal  Almanac of Law Volume 11 (2020) 102-106 p.


Vasetsky V. Y. Development of legal institutions of Ukraine as consequence of historical events

The emergence of Ukraine as an independent sovereign state is connected with important historical events that have significantly influenced its present. The purpose is to study the dynamics of the gradual historical development of the legal institutions of Ukraine, focusing on important historical events that significantly influenced the emergence and development of our country's statehood and its strengthening in the future.

Historically, the development of local self-government in the territory of Ukraine-Russia is closely linked to the situation on these lands, which occurred after the Tatar-Mongol invasion of 1240 and the actual destruction of Kievan Rus. The distribution of Magdeburg law in Ukrainian cities is considered, which is related to the influence of the processes inherent in European states of that time.

The importance of Philip Orlik's Constitution for the democratic development of both Ukraine and European countries is considered. This document is a source of law not only in Ukrainian but also in European history and is important both in terms of Ukraine's internal development and its impact on the processes of becoming democratic European countries. In legal terms, the importance is to solve one of the most important issues - to justify the role of representative power as a prototype of the future Ukrainian parliament.

It is emphasized that the most significant events concerning the establishment of Ukraine as a sovereign independent state occur in its recent history: after the First World War 1914 - 1918, when Ukraine became an independent state; as a result of the collapse of the USSR in the late twentieth century and the final creation of independent states on the ruins of the Soviet Union, which marked the beginning of a new era of Ukrainian statehood.

The formation in April 1917 of the Central Rada as the highest territorial authority in Ukraine was the source of a number of legal documents on the way to the independence of Ukraine, four Universals were adopted, which gradually brought Ukraine closer to an independent state. Universals of the Ukrainian Central Rada are political and legal documents of programmatic character of 1917-1918, defining changes in the state and legal status of Ukrainian lands of the former Russian Empire. The most important milestone on the path to the formation of an independent Ukrainian state was the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR on the eve of the final collapse of the Soviet Union a well-known document of historical significance - the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine and the adoption of the Act of Declaration of Ukraine on August 24, 1991.

It is concluded that on the long road of gradual historical and legal development in Ukraine law has been formed as a sign of its statehood and which is of great national value.

Keywords: formation of the state and legal institutions, Magdeburg law, Constitution of Phillip Orlik, creation of independent state.


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