Miroshnichenko M. I.

The scientific-practical Law Journal
Almanac of Law Volume 13 (2022), 136-140 p.

DOI: 10.33663/2524-017X-2022-13-21

Miroshnichenko M. I. On the issue of training and education of national oriented legal elite in national universities of Ukraine

The article draws attention to one of the centers of university legal education in Ukraine, namely the place and importance of the history of Ukrainian law as a science and academic discipline in the university education of a lawyer in the post-genocidal, post-imperial period of reconstruction of Ukraine. digitalization. Separately, the emphasis is on the authors vision of ways to improve the methodology of teaching the history of Ukrainian law for lawyers. It is emphasized that the transdisciplinary methodology, which was declared by UNESCO to be the leading one in the organization of the educational process in the XXI century, is a scientific guideline in favor of preserving the History of Ukrainian law with the status of a mandatory discipline in the educational process. The teaching of the History of Ukrainian Law should revolve around the idea of an organic combination of priority universal legal values created over the millennia of world history with national legal values. Thus, given the purpose of university higher education, a lawyer, if he wants to become a real specialist, should get a good basic legal education and constantly improve their knowledge in this area. In this case, without an in-depth study of the history of law and the state can not do. Deep penetration into the essence of legal phenomena in the learning process is possible only through the joint efforts of both theorists and historians of law. Historical and legal knowledge is important for solving current legal problems. The use of online tools only promotes more active communication between the student and the teacher. They complement rather than replace traditional lectures and seminars in classrooms. As a basis for developing the curriculum, it would be good to take the thesis that Ukrainian law is a social institution, with a pronounced spiritual and rational mechanism for regulating human behavior, meaningful and essentially a reflection of the existing socio-cultural reality in Ukraine. It is expedient to build a training course on the basis of problem or problem-chronological study of program material. The main emphasis in teaching should focus on research work, when the student is involved by the teacher in the field of their research and together they create space for new knowledge.

Key words: Ukraine, postimperial period, reconstruction, higher legal education, university legal education, history of Ukrainian law, methodology of history of Ukrainian law, methods of teaching discipline, information society, digitalization.


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