«Almanac of Law» is a scientific and practical legal publication of the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Koretsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The publication is aimed at highlighting current problems of law-making. The publication was launched in 2010. The doctrinal issues highlighted in the journal pages are an answer to the practical challenges of life, in particular, the reformist starts of the state, public opinion about them, the polylogist of the state, civil society and individuals, the role of law in all these processes as the most effective regulator of social relations. Issues related to the protection of human rights, freedoms and legitimate interests are a particular vector of the magazine's rubrics, in particular, the theoretical principles related to the differentiation of rights, the specification of rights (rights of a particular group, for example, youth), ways, methods and forms of guaranteeing and securing the rights of the individual are also covered.

For the most part, the journal is focused on problems of state and law theory, philosophy and sociology of law. However, issues suggested as a «theoretical direction» or «theoretical advancement» of legal science imply a «close cooperation» with the industry legal sciences, which is demonstrated on the pages of the publication.

The high theoretical level of scientific generalizations is ensured by the work of the professional editorial board, which includes academicians and correspondents of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, academicians and correspondent members of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, doctors of law, professors, honored lawyers of Ukraine and honored figures of science and technology of Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences were initiated and conducted under the auspices of the journal, in particular, «Legal responsibility: problems of theory and practice» (Kyiv, 2010); «Law reasoning and right realization: from theory to practice» (Kyiv, 2011); «Fundamental principles of law as its value dimensions» (Kyiv, 2012); «Freedom, equality and dignity of the person in legal theory and legal practice» (Kyiv, 2013); «Legal outlook: human and law» (Kyiv, 2014); «Valuable legal principles of modern integration processes in Ukraine» (Kyiv, 2015); «Law and progress: components of security in modern conditions» (Kyiv, 2016); «Human-centrism in law: theoretical and applied principles» (Kyiv, 2017); «Legal analytics: doctrinal approaches and industry dimensions» (Kyiv, 2018) and more. The conferences received high praise from the legal community, scientific youth and the media.

The journal is included in the list of scientific professional publications in the field of legal sciences (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 326 of April 4, 2018).

The magazine is a kind of «compass» that serves as a guide for significant events in the legal and political life of Ukraine.

The scientific-practical law journal is intended for scientific and scientific-pedagogical employees of higher education institutions and scientific institutions, doctoral students, graduate students, law students, practitioners and other persons.

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