Andriyko O.F., Nagrebelnyi V.P.

The scientific-practical Law Journal Almanac of Law Volume 11 (2020),
22-27 p.


Andriyko O.F., Nagrebelnyi V.P. Administrative and legal doctrine and modern administrative legislation

In the article the present state of the doctrine of administrative law as one of the most important sectors in the legal system of Ukraine. The features of this branch of law and tendencies of its development and the acquisition of new essential characteristics under the influence of various factors of political, state-legal and public life.

The focus is on direct influence of administrative law doctrine for updates of administrative law. As shown by the analysis, at present it does not fully conform to standards of civilization civil, legal, democratic and social society in the conditions of constant transformation of public administration system in transition.

Separately, the necessity of a gradual introduction of ideology into the practice of domestic administrative law in the implementation and protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in their relations with the state and the state apparatus.

Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the current administrative legislation of Ukraine, its convergence with other sectors of the domestic legislation and European Union law.

It is noted that the increase in the number of administrative-legal acts in the rapid development of information technology and the various available forms of the use of modern technical means in the information environment creates certain problems. It is that continuous additions and amendments to relevant legal acts in all their openness and accessibility are difficult in their application. Also exacerbated the problem of integration of multiple acts that relate to tangential issues. Enacted legislation (including in respect of administrative-legal sphere), though timely, however, still not provided a mechanism for their implementation, or are those that require additions or changes.

The conclusions reflect the results of the study and separately stated that the matter of updating the administrative law doctrines, ideas, theoretical constructs, representation of the directions of development of society, the state and public administration, building and activities of the Executive authorities and their relations with citizens and non-state entities should be the subject of ongoing research and discussions, public discussions. The same applies to the ways and prospects of improvement of administrative legislation and the feasibility of its systematization and codification.

Key words: legal doctrine, administrative-legal doctrine, public administration, ideology of anthropocentrism, administrative legislation.


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