Miroshnichenko M. I.

The scientific-practical Law Journal
Almanac of Law Volume 12 (2021), 66-71 p

DOI: 10.33663/2524-017X-2021-12-11

Miroshnichenko M. I. To the question of systemic errors in the interpretation of law in connection with the problem of the object of legal science

In the proposed article, the author tries to prove that the important reason for the existence of systemic errors in the interpretation of law is directly related to the problem of understanding the object of legal science. The research was conducted within the framework of a systematic approach by the method of logical analysis. The authors understanding of the object of legal science is highlighted, its logical structure is revealed. The connections between the structural elements have been established and the dependence of the appearance of systemic errors in the interpretation of the law on one or another scientific interpretation of this connection has been clarified.

It is emphasized that among all known ways of interpreting law in the paradigm of different types of legal understanding, the marker of the presence or absence of systemic errors in the interpretation of law is a special legal method of interpretation based on special legal factors: a) features of legal understanding; b) the dominance in the legal science of a particular society and in a particular historical time of certain legal doctrines, views, theories on the essence of law, its functional role in society; c) features of legal practice; d) levels of development of legal reality.

A hypothetical judgment is made that the solution of the issue of avoiding systemic errors in the interpretation of law should be carried out within the framework of the problem of the main issue of jurisprudence. Accordingly, the notion of law enshrined at the level of official legal doctrine should be used, which would reflect the objective trends of legal development of mankind in accordance with the laws of natural law and universal legal values formed at the intersection of material and spiritual needs of society. The authors definition of the following concept is proposed: law is an objectively determined, rationally substantiated through a slice of general interest system of principles, institutions, norms, rules of conduct verified by social practice (which in systematic interaction do not contradict the requirements of morality and actions of the laws of natural law), the functioning and implementation of which are associated with government institutions that have a recognized right (privilege) to exercise coercion.

A special vector of consideration is devoted to doctrinal legal errors, examples of negative consequences for the state, society due to systemic errors in the interpretation of law are given. 

Keywords: error, legal error, system errors of interpretation of law, precautionary measures.


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