Liashenko R. D.

The scientific-practical Law Journal
Almanac of Law Volume 14 (2023), 254-258 p.

DOI: 10.33663/2524-017X-2023-14-254-258

Liashenko R. D. System of sources of military law of Ukraine 

The article analyzed the system of sources of military law of Ukraine and clarified the place of judicial practice in this system.

It is proposed to refer to the sources of military law of Ukraine: Constitution of Ukraine; international agreements to which Ukraine is a party; acts of military legislation; orders of heads of military administrations; acts of military command. The latest trend in the understanding of the system of sources of military law of Ukraine is the recognition of judicial practice as a form of external expression of the norms of this field of public law.

 In modern conditions, it is judicial practice that plays an important role in the formation of military law. In the process of consideration of military disputes, new questions and problems arise that need to be resolved, so courts make decisions that shape judicial practice in military cases. Case law may later be incorporated into military legislation. In addition, judicial practice contributes to the protection of the rights and interests of military personnel, the resolution of conflict situations, and ensures compliance with military discipline.

Currently, the courts have considered a large number of cases related to the appeal of conclusions of military medical commissions, dismissal from military service, issues of mobilization, criminal and administrative liability of conscripts, reservists and military personnel. Consideration of such cases by the courts is aimed at ensuring compliance with military legislation and the rules of military service, implementation of the principle of equality of all before the law, and prevention of corruption offenses and abuses in the military environment.

Among the problematic issues that are relevant in modern conditions and are resolved in court are: establishing the fact of the death of a serviceman, payment of monetary assistance to the families of deceased servicemen, release from military service of prisoners of war, social protection of servicemen and their family members, etc. Domestic courts are working to improve and unify judicial practice in cases of war and war crimes, crimes against humanity, and apply the practice of the European Court of Human Rights during judicial proceedings.

In the conditions of legislative uncertainty, judicial practice acts as a factor in increasing the stability and stability of the state, because it reflects the trust of citizens in justice and state institutions. Judicial practice in modern realities is aimed at protecting the rights and interests of military personnel, observing the legal order and military discipline, and contributes to the resolution of conflict situations. Judicial practice is constantly developing and improving in accordance with the changes taking place in social and state life.

Key words: state of martial law, military law, sources of military law, military legislation, judicial practice, military disputes.


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