Mima I. V.

The scientific-practical Law Journal
Almanac of Law Volume 14 (2023), 279- 284 p.

DOI: 10.33663/2524-017X-2023-14-279-284

Mima I. V. Ways of harmonizing the interaction of traditions and progress in law.

The process of development of various directions of objective scientific analysis of the problems of the theory of the state and law is studied; an analysis of legal tradition, progress, stability in law was carried out, with an emphasis on determining the spiritual (religious) component in their content. The author proves the point of view that ways of harmonizing the interaction of tradition and progress in law can be revealed through the analysis of legal culture and the place of religious-normative values in it, as they contribute to the disclosure and understanding of factors affecting the development of the legal system.

The author notes that tradition is ideals, models, symbols, norms of various kinds (moral, customary, religious, legal), transmitted orally or in writing from generation to generation of a given community, considered in it as particularly valuable, unique, that strengthen social connections and allow to regulate social relations. In principle, the legal tradition does not decide the content of specific legal norms, although these norms always reflect the spirit of a specific legal tradition. This is primarily a set of deeply rooted, historically determined general approaches to the genesis, essence and function of law, views on the relationship between law and religion, politics, economics and the entire organization of social life, beliefs about the correct ways of legislation, application, improvement and teaching of law. While legal progress is definitely a process of legal development of society and its components, oriented to legal values; characterized by signs of dynamism, purposefulness, progressivity, consistency, predictability of change, improvement of law with the aim of achieving the legal ideal, the result of which is an increase in the level of legal culture of society and the effectiveness of legal regulation of social relations.

The point of view is substantiated that the ideas of tradition and progress related to historical processes suggest the possibility of forming, at least to a certain extent, the directions of this development from the point of view of values approved by the social forces that implement them. Changes in the legal tradition are evidenced by the completeness of the connections between modern law and the past of law. Each legal culture associated with the tradition of law has its own beginning, variable development, marked by periods of progress and development, regression and stabilization. The development of values that contribute to the formation of better social solutions is precisely progress. Modern legal traditions remain under strong pressure from processes of their unification on a continental scale. However, acculturation, convergence, harmonization, unification weaken the identity of legal cultures, disrupt the stability of law, because they are based on changes. 

Key words: legal tradition, progress, religious norms, law, legal system, legal culture.


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