Pivovar I. V.

The scientific-practical Law Journal
Almanac of Law Volume 14 (2023), 309- 313 p.

DOI: 10.33663/2524-017X-2023-14-309-313

Pivovar I. V. Judicial self-government in Ukraine.

This article is devoted to the study of judges in Ukraine, the order of their employment in administrative positions. Being a judge of the relevant court is not only a profession, it is an observance of the rules of conduct that must be observed every day both in ones work and in ones personal life. The judicial profession differs from other professions, a judge must be guided only by procedural law. 

Also, when administering justice, a judge cannot depend on the legislative and executive bodies as a whole. It will be appropriate to consider the issue of a judge in an administrative position. And determine their order of appointment to the relevant position in the court. Today, the issue of judges in administrative positions is very extensive and requires additional research.

The draft law On restoring trust in the judicial system of Ukraine was developed with the aim of ensuring the implementation of guarantees of the independence of judges, as well as reducing illegal influence on judges who hold administrative positions, the relevant courts, restoring trust in society, as well as in the judiciary. Therefore, the achievement of the goal is proposed through the adoption of the specified law. 

It provides for the term of holding an administrative position in the courts of cassation up to three years, and also establishes restrictions on the possibility of the same person occupying the position of the head of the court for two consecutive terms. But the main Law of Ukraine for regulating the appointment of judges to administrative positions is the Law of Ukraine On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges, which regulates issues related to all judges. 

Well, lets summarize the above-mentioned law, which entered into force on March 28, 2015. Part 4 of Article 20 of Law No. 2453, as amended by Law No. 192, stipulates that a judge elected to an administrative position in the manner specified by this article cannot hold one administrative position of the corresponding court for more than two terms in a row.

In connection with the adoption of this draft law, on January 4, 2023, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered an alternative draft law 8296-1 on the election of court presidents, in which it is proposed to provide for the possibility of early dismissal of the court president from office by the Council of Judges of Ukraine, in case of non-compliance with the restrictions on holding the office the chairman of the court is a judge who has already been elected for more than two terms in a row. 

This Draft Law proposes that judges of all courts of the country (from local courts to the High Anti-Corruption Court and Cassation Courts as part of the Supreme Court) elect presidents and deputy presidents of courts for a period of 4 years, but only the head of the Supreme Court will personally approve them. 

Key words: state, judge, procedure for appointing judges, administrative position, judicial power, justice, legal status of judges.


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